Quick GPU waterblock decision!

Hey guys, I just bought the EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti 448 FTW edition.

I'm considering this block for it:

It says that it supports many 560 Ti editions, but it does not specifically state the FTW edition. Will this block fit my card? I definitely don't want to get it, and then it doesn't fit.

Let me know

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  1. Make sure the metal you use for your cpu block is compatible or a match, so you don't have corrosion going on in your water cooling system. Buy the waterblock for your GPU according to the metal you are using for the other waterblocks. Mixing metals results in corrosion.
  2. 560 Ti Core 448 is actually a GTX 570 that is slightly crippled. That block is for 560 Ti's that are normal PCB and 560 spec. You will likely want to look into 570 block compatibility for your card.
  3. EK's cooling configurator has 2 blocks that are compatible with the EVGA 560ti 448 FTW.

    Both of them are 570 blocks ;)
  4. Thanks for the info guys.

    amuffin, I saw those blocks on EK, but I'm using a copper block for my CPU and board so I don't want to use nickel.

    I might try looking into the 570 blocks then :)
  5. So after consideration, I decided I like this block:

    Now I'm wondering, since this is a 570 block it should work with my card right? It is a 570/580 block - I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I like this block because it is copper, and I think it would work well with my CPU-370 CPU block.

    Let me know thoughts, thanks!
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    If those EK blocks are reference 570 blocks (reference 570 block = reference 580 block), then you should be able to use any reference 570/580 block.

    Nickel blocks are fine to use with copper; I would just shy away from EK's for a few product generations.
  7. Thanks boiler, I have been looking a long time for the answer to fitting my 560 ti 448 FTW. I'm really thankful for the help!
  8. TBH there aren't huge difference among full cover blocks, except for the HydroCopper blocks that come on EVGA cards. Really it's up to personal preference and aesthetics.
  9. right, personal preference. But there was a thread not long ago where the perf of the hydrocoppers weren't good at all.

    go universal and have the block ready for recycling when the next rotation of parts roll in your rig :)

    I'd look at the hole editions - would've gotten one if it was made for my card.
  10. Well, that's why I separated them specifically - they aren't really that good, especially for what you pay for them. Among the rest, there isn't really a true differentiator other than price and looks.
  11. Thanks guys! This forum is the best ever, there's no way I could do it without experienced builders like yourselves.

    With all the info. that I've grabbed, it looks like I'm going to go with this block
    once it's in stock.

    I'll be sure to post back fitting and performance results after!
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  13. Heatkillers are sweet blocks IMO. Hope it works out as planned!
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