Browser/Steam/PC Freezing when downloading

I posted a while back about how my HD (that is currently giving problems again) gave a disk read error. When I formatted the HD, everything was back to normal.

Been two weeks now. I tried dling a game off Steam, and my PC just froze after massive PC lag spikes. Frustrated, I stopped trying to get the download to work. Later, I tried downloading some stuff through Firefox, but the browser ended up having very frequent hangsups.

I changed my download location in Firefox to another HD and the problem went away. I'm almost certain that if I stress this HD more, it will fail...perhaps for good.

I have Diskcheckup. Under SMART info, everything shows 'OK.' Is there anything else I can do to confirm my theory? What about fixing it?

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  1. It looks like there is early indication of the drive failing! I would go ahead and replace it or at least not have it as the only place to store any important data.
  2. Yep.

    Turned on PC this morning, and it gives blue screen after 'start windows'
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