Buying a computer for graphic design and gaming.

I am currently a graphic design student and a serious gamer. I plan on purchasing a new laptop here within the next month. I want the best! I am looking into a system for $2,300. Before I purchase I wanted to make sure was worth the money.
Here is what it is;
Dell Alienware x17m
• Intel Core 2 Extreme X9100 CPU @ 3.06-3.40GHZ (FASTEST CPU YOU CAN GET!!!)
• 2 Video Cards!!! NVIDIA 260M Video Card + Also includes NVIDIA 9400M For Hybrid SLI!!!
• 8GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM!!!
• 960GB HARD DRIVE (640GB + 320GB)
• Lunar Silver Edition!!!
• CUSTOM DUAL BOOT : Windows 7 64bit AND Vista Ultimate 64bit(Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit restore dvd's included)
• ***Each OS will be installed on it's own hard drive, thus if one OS fails, you'll still be able to boot to the other to recover files, etc...*** (potentially priceless)
• 17" 1440x900 HD 900P Wide LCD Screen
• 12 Cell Battery & 220W A/C Adapter
• Fully illuminated Keyboard with customizable colors
• 802.11N Network Card
• Broadcomm Bluetooth Adapter
• BLU-RAY / DVD+RW / CD+RW (Burn your own DVD's!)
and thoughts on this system
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  1. no, its probably not worth the money. old tech, and alienware (who charge extra just for the name)

    one of these:

    would give you better value. a 5870 is probably of similar power to the dual 260s in the alienware (im not entuirely sure of the mobile cards power, but if they scale equally to the desktop versions that would be about right)
    you also get an i7 processor here, which should be much better.

    it depends where the focus is though. the alienware one certianly seems more focused on graphic work, so it would certinaly have its advantages there. the ibuypower should be better for gaming though.
  2. As stated, it'sd overpriced and there are more powerful options available.

    Hunt down a decent i7 system, and avoid hybrid SLI.
  3. You should really put some of that budget toward a cooling-pad too, especially if you're going for an i7 and a monster graphics card.
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