USB to Serial drive problem

I have been spending incredibly too much time trying to figure this out. I have a USB to RS232 adapter that I am trying to get XP to recognize but I can't for the life of me get it happen.

A little background:

I am using the adapter to connect my telescope to my netbook. The netbook originally came with Windows 7 Starter but it was just too slow so I decided to downgrade to XP. Using 7 the USB to Serial adapter works just fine with the Prolific driver. However, with XP, after successfully installing the very same driver, and every other variant that I can find, I plug in the USB to to be told that Windows cannot install the device driver.

I've tried searching posts for answers but with no success. I hope somebody can help me.
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  1. it is possible the device does not have a windows xp driver and is not compatible with windows xp. you may need to purchase a different windows xp compatible usb to rs232 adapter.
  2. I was afraid that that could be the problem. I paid very little for it so that doesn't sound like an unreasonable answer. Thanks.
  3. Or I should say an unreasonable possibility.
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