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Zalman VF-1000 LED Compatibility

Is that cooler compatible with Ati HD6850 ?
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  1. Check the review
  2. Sounds pretty good. Could you tell me what is the difference with this ?

    Which is better? Thank you for your response!
  3. It just have added compatibility to more cards, has 1 more heat pipe, uses more power.

    Uses 4 pin vs 3 pin.
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    Turbo 2 is newer : ) And supports the latest cards.

    So, if u are planing to upgrade and use this, get this one.

    Accelero Twin Turbo PRO

    Accelero Twin Turbo II
  5. Other than that, they are almost the same in performance.
  6. I think i go for the twin turbo II.
    Thank you so much :D
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  8. Good luck : )
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