D865 memory problem

I have D865 perl motherboard running win7 on 512MB memory. Recentyly purchased the corsair 2GB kit but when i install it, the computer display does not come up. I rotated the sticks in the slots to see if it makes a difference(not sure if for this reason or something else), this time the display came up but remained on bios screen and windows did not boot. I have tried several times and looks like the system does not like the upgrade from 512MB to 2 GB. I sent the sticks back to Corsair under life time guarantee and came back as that they checked fine on their end. Pls help what i am doing wroing, I have tried bios auto settings and also tried fixed settings per corsair recommendation.
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  1. You may have to update the BIOS. Visit Intel's support site for your board, download the updated BIOS, and follow the instructions for flashing your BIOS.
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