My speakers do not automatically turn off when I plug in my earphones!

Hey guys!

I'm using an MSI 785GM-E65 that's equipped with the Realtek HD Audio software that goes with its drivers cd.

Everytime I plug in my earphones through my casing's front panel (I'm using a Lancool Dragonlord K56 btw), the sounds dont automatically switch to my earphones (Like how a laptop works). The sounds still come out from my speakers, and I'd have to change my default audio device first from USB AUDIO (speakers) to REALTEK HD AUDIO (for earphones) AND run my program again before the sounds switch from the speakers to the earphones.

Now this is seryazly such a great hassle.

I was hoping if you can guys can help me configure my computer, so when I plug in my earphones, the sounds would automatically come out from the speakers. I wouldnt have to change my default audio device, and re-run the program anymore.

Would that be possible?

Oh, and I'm using USB speakers. HTH.

Thanks guys!
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