XFX Ati HD 5850 fan problem help please.


I have a problem with my gpu fan making a rattling noise in certain games. I Thought i solved the problem by using a program which sets the fan speed manually, but the problem persists. When im playing a game in full screen i can hear that the fan wont properly work. The idle fan speed is at 25% and i set it manually to 35%, then when im starting a game the fan speed decreses to 25% again. But when i play in window mode it seems like the fan speed stays at 35%, so it works to play games in window mode and this rattling sound does not appear, but i can`t play games in full screen mode.

I can also note that a while ago i played a game and the gpu started to make a really high noise, so i shut down the computer and opened the case and i noticed that a plastic part was hanging from the gpu, like the plastic from the logo on the card, i clipped off the plastic part that was hanging, thus removing the sound, but after that everytime i play a game in full screen this rattling sound appears and i notice that the fan speed won`t move from idle mode.

Could a bit of plastic from the logo destroy the graphic card?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Probably not...
    It's still on warranty, isn't?
    Tell the XFX your problem...
  2. yea its still on warranty, i bought it for like 2 months ago, i told them my problem and they told me to send it back to my reseller. But im wondering if you had any problem like this with your gpu:s and if there are any other options than to RMA it?
  3. I never had a problem with gpu fan...
    I didn't know the other options either...
    Sorry if i'm not help at all, from your case i only have a conclusion that your gpu's fan is not right...
  4. Yea, thanks though for helping

    Think i have to RMA it.
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