Issue connecting more than 4 devices to internet

Hi, I've got a problem connecting more than four devices simultaneously to our home LAN.

I've just renovated and installed cat 6 cable throughout house and up till recently only ever had no fewer than 4 devices connected.

Network related hardware consists of

Netgear DG834GV Integrated ADSL(2+) Modem and (4 port) Wireless Router with voice
Netgear GS116 Prosafe 16 port gigabyte unmanaged switch

Connected as: ISP -> DG834GV -> DS116 (DG834GV port 1 patched into port 16 of DS116)

Devices connected to switch
4 notebooks
Icybox NAS
SAGE STP-HD200 media player
Netgear PS121 print server

In addition, there are two wireless PDA devices that I was hoping to connect via wireless to DG834GV .

DG834GV config page reports 4 attached devices. These devices can access internet. Additional device connection attempts fail...

Using a notebook that fails internet connection I have confirmed that no IP address has been allocated (ipconfig -all)

I would expect that the router should be assigning IP addresses using DHCP for devices connected to switch and I've spent half a day googling for possible solutions to no avail. Any assistance is greatly appreciated...

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  1. OK, all sorted. :pt1cable:

    I patched router to switch with standard network cable. Made up a crossover cable for the task and now connecting > 4 devices.
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