I got my system stolen, and now am looking for bits of performance

hi everyone, i got robbed yesterday so i built this new system in a hurry.

mainly for gaming!

Cpu : Pentium 4 630 Prescott 3.0ghz 2mb L2 cache
Mem: 512 x 2 sticks 1 gb 667mhz standard
Psu: 500watt

(cant afford a corsair right now)

Gpu: Xfx radeon 4830 512mb

my mainboard is a 775, so any recommendation with performance gains??
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  1. 2 gb ram min and a good cpo cooler and take the prescott to 3.6 ghz
  2. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, thieving bastards anyway!!!
    Yeah, about all you can do is crank the ol P4 as far as you possible can. If you can find another gig of memory el cheapo that would definetly help too.
  3. thanks guys, i put in almost 2000pounds for my old computer btw.

    I was looking at this ram : (2gb)


    How much of a performance gain should i expect.

    and this cpu cooler :


    How much do you think i can crank the P4 using this cooler!???
  4. P4's are inherently hot. That single core is definitely the bottleneck. Was this by spare parts or did you do it from scratch? If it was from scratch that seems like it was an odd choice.

    You only need another gig, buying lots of DDR2 seems a bit odd as its being moved away from and will create more cost once you actually do go to DDR3.
  5. i bought this p4 with msi board and 1gb ram and that 500w psu and a 15" working crt monitor for $100. with a keyboard and mouse.....so it was a bargain for me.... i added a 500gb hdd and 4830 to it....

    you are right about ddr3, better not spend on a ddr2. the only way i can go with is to overclock it....what do you think about this cpu cooler>??
  6. what cooler?
  7. http://www.coolermaster.com/produc [...] ct_id=5279

    Will this cooler let me to go from 3.0 to 3.6ghz???? If so then how, i never overclocked before...do you recommend any guide?
  8. the link is broken
  9. sorry! heres the link!


    Will this cooler let me to go from 3.0 to 3.6ghz???? If so then how, i never overclocked before...do you recommend any guide?

    Or should i pay 30$ extra and get the CM V8 instead.

    btw i really miss my older rig,,,i hope they die in a blast!
  10. get the CM hyper 212 + or sunbeam ccf 120

    this is the guide for the core 2 series but it should be similar to the pentiums

  11. I'd say ask in the overclocking section and/or google for an older guide.

    If I were you I'd look for another similar speed 2x512MB kit on ebay. there should be some for not too much at all, esp since that's 667 you're using.

    Then I'd look up the mobo. It being 775 should mean that it can take at least those Pentium D's, possibly even a dual core variant. I'd get that off of ebay too. Depending on how high it goes that may well be much more worth it over a cooler for overclocking.
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