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My bro n law bought a used web cam from this little shop and gave it to me to use on my computer. The light comes on but nobody's home. It is made in China and the Logo Is like a tilted C/i the i is in the C. I don't know what this is but I did find out on most web cams you need driver software, unless you can get windows to find it for you; mine didn't. I am not even sure if that is the problem. If anyone has any I deas I sure would apreciate everything you can offer. Thanks!
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  1. You have to find the manufacturer and model number from whatever sticker is on the webcam. If you cant find one you are stuck.

    Its also possible that an older webcam may not have drivers for Vista/Win7. I got a cheap Pixxo last xmas that has XP drivers but no Vista. I looked at Frys and that same pixxo seems to be still on sale for $10. The $20 and $25 pixxo webcams say they have will run with vista but the $10 and $15 dont.
  2. OLD camera's are not supported in vista and win-7. Logitech, Microsoft wants you to buy a new one. Its ironic but thats the reality.
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