OCZ Vertex III or Crucial M4

I know this has probably been asked a million times but is the vertex still unreliable even after it's updates? There's a good deal on the vertex on newegg right now and I can't decide between that or spending about $50 more for the M4
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  1. I'm using a 256GB Vertex III in my MacBook Pro that I'm typing this from...had it since June and can say its been nothing but fast and reliable. I'd have to recommend it from that perspective.
  2. my personal experience: 0 of 4 kingston drives failed, 2 of 4 OCZ drives failed, 0 of 2 WD SSDs failed, and 0 of 3 crucial drives failed. i certainly won't buy an OCZ again for quite some time.

    about 2 months ago while at my local computer shop i was talking with a tech while he ringing up my purchases, he said the store sees 8% of OCZ drives get returned due to failure, and those are just the drives that failed within 30 days (their return window) which doesn't account for drives that fail after 30 days. on the otherhand he wasn't aware of any crucial or intel drives being returned due to failure.
    there's a very good reason why OCZ has the "fastest" and cheapest SSDs on the market...
  3. Its seems I've been lucky with the 4 OCZ drives I have. I have 3xVertex 2's and the aforementioned Vertex III. Never had a problem.
  4. I have used 2 x Vertex 2 120Gb and am using 2 x Vertex 3 120Gb ATM.

    Vertex 2 and 3 did have BSOD issues, but I can confirm that it has been rectified with the 2.15 firmware update.

    Since the update, I haven't had a single issue.

    On the OCZ forums, there are people who still have reliability issues, though I have never had any MAJOR problems in terms of reliability or stability.

    It has solid performance.

    I can't see you "losing" with either OCZ or Crucial IMO.

    Go with your gut feeling.
  5. At this point I would be tempted to say go with the best price. Either drive should be okay.
  6. Go for reliability FIRST.
    Then Speed.....heck they r all SSDs so your good.

    My Vertex 3 MAX IOPS is so fickle....it BSOD several times a day now.....had it for 7 months...its on firware 2.15

    Good Luck.
  7. Im going Samsung 830 as its pretty fast (the 256gb version) and super reliable.
    Just my 2 cents.
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