Would a ATI 4870 be an improvement over 9800gtx

was wondering if the 4870 would be much of an improvement over a 9800gtx. I cant really afford to do much but now that im into gaming more my 9800gtx does not cut it at all. i play champions online and get 20-30fps and thats with a core i7 920 overclocked. unfortunatly my board is also a dud for it does not do sli :( its a ex58-ds4 gigabyte.

so i am wondering what kind of gain would i be looking at with a faster graphics card the 4870. think it would give me 10 or 20more fps? or is that unrealistic. whats your estimate?

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  1. Go for 4890 if you want something out of your money
    4870 will be an improvement but not like 4890
    Also check the RAM, that could be a thing holding your fps back
  2. yea its a 9800gtx with only 512mb memory. as for the 4890 i dont think i would be able to afford that, looking on a budget. am wondering though would the 5770 be as fast as the 4870? or faster.

    also would the 5770 or 4870 give me a 10+fps boost? i get ok frames but id like them not to drop below 25 wich they do frequntly depending and thats with some stuff turned down
  3. If you're playing the game in a large screen resolution, then you should benefit from more graphics memory whether you go for ATi or nVidia.

    Keep in mind that nVidia likes some games better, so the ATi card "could" be a dissapointment, I'm not sure.
  4. my screen resolution is 1680x 1050 not sure how much memory would contreibute there. but would the 5770 be faster then the 9800gtx? i can overclock it to that gives some gains
  5. I went from a 4870 1gb to a 9800gtx when i sold mine. Plane not the overclocked + one 512mb ram. It was having issues with fallout 3 at the same settings i played with the 4870, it became unplayable. Big difference imo and at the same resolution your at. Go with a 4890.
  6. well i have to stay on crossfire due to my board and i where to shell out 200bucks what would be better 2x 4850 or 1x 4890
  7. the 4850s stock is running out, but two of the crossfired would work better than a 4890.
  8. i know this is insignifacant but im wondering are the 9800gtx and the 9800gtx+ are they made on the same type of chip meaning same manufacter process
  9. no 9800gtx+ has a die shrink and is clocked faster
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