NF200 chip and sli

what is this chip and how does it affect sli

how many do you need for single, dual, tripple, and quad cards
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  1. The nVidia NF200 chip adds an extra x16 PCI-E lane. You will need two of them for four way SLI (without them you'd still have enough bandwidth for the cards, however, nVidia configured it so that you will need a board with dual NF200 chips for four way SLI.)

    You don't need the NF200 chip for quad GPU but dual card SLI, for example, GTX 295 in SLI only requires two PCI-E x16 slots, it is still quad SLI, yet does not require the NF200 chips. For normal SLI with just two cards/GPUs, and three way SLI with three cards/GPUs, you will not need a board with a NF200 chip or two for that matter.
  2. ah so for 1,2,3 cards you don't need the chip but for 4 cards you need 2

    cool one thing i dont need to worry about being on a board.
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