I5-2500k, does this sound right?


I would like to know, is my i5-2500k okay with an idle temp of 35C and load temp average of 65C, but at most 70C? My overclock is at 4.5GHz with vcore set to 1.3v (is this voltage good?). Is this good to leave on all the time without speed-step, and will it decrease my cpu lifetime greatly, or just a minuscule amount?


Z77-G45 MSI Mainboard
Core i5-2500k Processor
8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Memory
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  1. I made a post earlier about getting speed-step to work with overclocking, there doesn't seem to be a setting for the turbo multiplier in my bios. My motherboard's an MSI Z77A-G45, and in its "Clickbios II" all there is is a "CPU Ratio" setting. No Turbo Ratio or anything else. My CPU cooler is (yup, you guessed it) a Hyper 212 EVO.

    4.5ghz (100mhz x 45) @ 1.296 vcore (would love to go higher, but I think I'll put a 150cfm pwm delta fan on my 212 first)

    Cinebench rating of 6.95
    HyperPI 1 million digits in 9.895sec
  2. This really helped, now I idle at 1.6GHz, which is good, but how do I make the voltage change automatically? I don't think setting vcore on auto will work, since it wouldn't boot the last time I set it to auto. Right now even at 1.6GHz vcore is still 1.3v. Any fix?
  3. Well auto vcore isn't working. I tried many things, for some reason my bios doesn't allow me to adjust TDP unless turbo is turned on, I figured out how to set the turbo clockspeed higher, I tried that too with auto vcore, but that didn't work either. Should I really worry about trying to lower the vcore when I'm at 1.6GHz, and is it pointless to have it at 1.6GHz when my vcore is still 1.3v?
  4. Um, you mean power settings in the control panel? Balanced. Voltage is always 1.3v. Auto vcore doesn't work. There is a way to control TDP, but I would have to use OC Genie II, which is integrated into my bios but acts funny.
  5. Well, right now I'm on the stock bios, I guess that could have something to do with it. Those pictures are from the in OS bios. I'll do a bios flash when I get home.
  6. Well, I updated the bios. Things don't seem very different, it was only a change from version 2.4 to 2.5. I decided to try something though, I turned down my voltage from 1.3v to 1.290v. When under complete stress from IBT, CPU-Z says the voltage is dropping to 1.264v, sometimes bumping up into the 1.270s. When idling cpu-z shows 1.280-1.288v. Is it normal to have it jumping around so much? My temps are better than ever since I made this adjustment. Usually IBT would get the cores to go up to 70C, now they only go up to 65C tops. Idling is insane too, temps would be around 37C, now they're down to 30C. Core #0 is a cool little sucker, it stays 5-6C below the others when under full load. Idling it's only about 2-3C cooler.


  7. I set everything to default, now when it's idle (at 1.6ghz) voltage drops to 0.960. That's because vcore is set to [auto]. Like I said earlier, my mb doesn't like vcore to be set to [auto] when I set the multiplier to x45.
  8. I really hope I can fix it, it would be nice to be able to. I still wonder though, it seems plenty of people leave their overclock on, and don't even speedstep it. Just a constant 4.5ghz. How is that bad?
  9. Oddly enough, I have just a degree lower idle temp when my cpu is set to stock and the voltage goes down at 1.6ghz. Just a degree. It seems heat isn't my issue. I heard anywhere below 1.5v is safe for 24/7 use.
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