Anyone familar with llano APU overclocking?

Hi guys, I recently got this OEM desktop from Acer which has A6-3620 quad core APU clocked at 2.2ghz and 2.5ghz

turbo boost. I saw some videos on youtube where people overclocked their laptop with llano APU using program called

k10 stat. I got little curious and played with it to see if I can get to 3ghz using this program.

According to CPU-Z, and passmark, it seems like it's working but I'm not too sure.

Have anyone tried this? How far did you overclock?

*ran during prime95, with stock fan for cpu
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  1. yes i use fusion tweaker to do it i make sure that the cpu power is always at 100% i use fusion control center for that

    and then i use fusion tweaker for overclocking but make sure to only use p1 and p0 and make sure to set the voltage to 1.412 or your pc will crash! and after setting the voltage to 1.412 then overclock from 2.2 then 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, and over if your apu can handle it my apu cant i can only get it to 3ghz but its factory setting is 1.8ghz!!!!!!! so be careful

    the link to fusion tweaker is

    hoped i helped!!!!
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