Is this motherboard problem somehow?

All was fine untill one day my ex graphic card 8800gt did die when i was starting one game...i then replaced it first with hd 4670 and then 9800 gt and but no use...Problems started immediatly with new cards...when im playing games i get 1-2 secons long freezes what are very anyoing when im playing competitve games :S and longer the PC is on the more horrid freezes goes and can last longer and occurs more....Its not overheating cuz i have 2 fans inside case and one big desktop fan breezing air into the open case and 8800gt did work just fine. I did clean dust and uninstalled all drivers and help. I did even re-install whole windows and no help...Only difference between these card is that 8800gt had exta cables to power supply unit but i cant think that would be the case..hmmm...Like 8800 gt did curse my computer when it died :S All if my joy to the gaming is gone now :S
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  1. Hmm. With the 9800 GT, do you have both six pin PCI-E connectors connected to the card?
  2. well this 9800 gt dont have any pins to psu...this one takes power straight from pci-e slot...this one what i have atm
  3. Really? That's strange... it could be a green edition, but I don't think it's receiving enough power.
  4. dunno whast green edition :D card color is red :D well it should get enough power cuz 8800gt did work fine with 300w pus...atm i have 400w corsair..sp hard to belive it would be psu...something else :S too bad i cant test my motherboard with any free programs :S
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