8800GT - Suitable temperature?

Hi all, been having a problem recently with a few things. While playing Team Fortress 2, after 10 minutes to 2 hours, the monitor will lose signal, the sound keeps repeating at a fast rate and the computer doesn't respond to anything, resulting in the power cable being reinserted.

I've only ever had this problem before with two games, Warhammer Online and Team Fortress 2. At first I thought it would be an overheating issue, so I've cleaned out the case and each fan thoroughly. Booted PC back up and TF2 crashes within 20 minutes of play. I've monitored the temperature with Riva and SpeedFan, set the fan speed to 100% instead of the fixed 29%, still the same. I'm receiving a temperature of 54c which SpeedFan says should be burning my house down. I've read a few other posts saying they're fine running at 80c which confuses me a fair bit.

Thing is, I can play Crysis on High settings, Bioshock, Devil May Cry, Arma 2 or World of Warcraft with 100 other people in the same area and have never had this problem. I've tried updating drivers but no difference.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your time
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  1. 71c seems to be the highest it reaches in game.
  2. The thermal limit is 105c, 70c with a standard HSF should be fine.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    The thermal limit is 105c, 70c with a standard HSF should be fine.

    Is it possible that it's not an over het then? Just seems strange that I can run much more demanding games with no problems at all.
  4. The problem may be more those two games than any of your hardware, I don't play either of them so can't give any pointers.
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