Quite CPU fan - Which One?

Thinking of replacing my stock cpu fan on my i7 - 860 in order to reduce the noise of the fan.
My goal is to build the quietest computer I can and I have trace the loudest sound coming from the CPU fan?

Question is ? If I replace the cpu fan with an after market fan, will it bring the noise level down??

What are your thoughts and which fan should I go for with a 1156 board running a quad i7-860????
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  1. http://www.frostytech.com/top5heatsinks.cfm

    will give you a good idea on who has the best and the quietest
  2. Thinking of getting a zalman - Not to sure if it's quiet?
  3. This Zalman has great reveiws looks cool too.


    If that one is too big this is a nice Zalman too


    The second one i listed will be quieter it has a a 27.5 db rating. But if you are gonna be overclocking i would go with the bigger one.
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