Core Voltage fluctuation?

Hi everyone. I'm overclocking an 15 2500k to 4GHz. After trying several different settings for Core Voltage starting at 1.12V I worked my way up to 1.135V. But when I open CPU-Z, the Core Voltage value fluctuates between 1.120V and 1.128V. Does anyone know the reason for this discrepancy?
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  1. Offset voltage overclocking?

    You didn't give any info, so I can't really help.
  2. Manual Voltage. Sorry for the lack of info, I'll post some more here:

    BCLK: 100
    Turbo Ratio: 40
    Internal PLL Overvoltage: Disabled
    Memory Frequency: 1600MHz
    EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled
    Load Line Calibration: Auto
    CPU Voltage: Manual Mode
    CPU Manual Voltage: 1.135V
    CPU Spread Spectrum: Auto

    But CPU-Z reports Core Voltage: 1.120V/1.128V

    hope this helps
  3. Internal PLL Overvoltage on
    Load Line Calibration 1
    CPU Spread Spectrum off
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