another question on this subject i am afraid but i have been wondering, as i will be building my pc end of the year (ish) and both sandy bridge and bulldozer are to be rushed out about sept\oct its an obviouse choice to go for one of these but i wanted the most future proof\upgradable option and looking at sandy bridge it seems they are releasing their lower 1155
socket and another (2011) the end of next year.But will AMD do the same thing as in release 2 sockets or will they just release one that will hold all their next (bullodozer) processors?????????????????????????????????
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  1. A lot of question marks, lol.

    AMD's current socket AM3 will be compatible with the first Bulldozer CPUs. Sandy Bridge's LGA 1155 socket will not really be overclockable.
  2. ah so there will be 2 bulldozer sockets am3 and a new one in 2011?
  3. hmmmm double posting much (in different sections)

    CPU Section one
  4. wasnt sure wich would be the best place to ask sorry
  5. well hopefully a mod will merge the two threads
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