Setting RAM timings and so forth

My CPU is designed for 1333 RAM, but I bought 1600 G.Skill RAM, as recommended by banthracis here.

What I think I want to do is run the 1600 RAM at 1333 with better timings than I currently have. CPU-Z reports that my RAM is set like this: 669.7 MHz (3:10) @ 9-9-9-24. What should I change the timings to?

Specs here:

More detailed information here:
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  1. You have to set your ram manually in the bios to run at its advertised speed and timings.
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    The only thing that u need to do is enter to the BIOS and set all the specs of ur ram manually in the BIOS.
  3. Do I need to change the voltage too?
  4. Okay, so this is what I was thinking. My CPU is 1333.

    The RAM's specs are:
    Speed of 1600.

    I'll set my ram to 7-8-7-24-2N with 1.65V and leave it at 1333.

    Does that seem reasonable?
  5. Grr, I can't run memtest86 because my Ubuntu live cd and Hirens CD both refuse to boot correctly on this system.

    Should I run the memory ganged or unganged? I thought ganged was better, but my bios claims unganged gives a performance increase.
  6. Okay, my RAM is now at 7-8-7-24-2N. I left the voltage at auto and the clock at 1333. I ran memtest86 from a USB flash drive and completed with no errors. I think I'm set! Thanks!
  7. If the RAM isn't stable u also need change the voltage if is stable don't change it.
  8. According to memtest86 it's stable, so I guess I'm done! Thanks for the info though, in case something goes wrong later.
  9. OK, if u have some problem let me know.
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