Graphics Card Broken?

New card has been giving driver crash errors constantly. Today whilst playing on WoW this happened, alot worse than the usual and my card's performance has gradually been degrading. Is it hardware or software? is it even the card or is this a mobo problem?

Nvidia GTS 250 dark knight
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  1. I think that's a hardware problem.
    What is your gpu temps?
  2. 42 degrees
  3. just did it again for the second time in about an hour
  4. 1.....if u have got the latest driver... uninstall it and go for the 1 came along with the card...

    2....diagonse ur g-card with 3dMark Vantage software.....

    it can test ur software and ur hardware performance...bye
  5. and try upgrading ur bios...
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