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Hello Community,

I am having some issues with my first -time water cooling build.

My original build post is here

I did have the Black Ice GTX 360 radiators, however, (being a noob), I accidentally punctured the radiators with long screws (which I did not know at the time), until I had everything up and running, and water was leading on my fans.

I currently and running a Push Pull on two XSPC RX360 with Ultra Kaze Scythe (12 Fans total). I put on the new radiators Friday, and everything has been fine. Today, there is little water spots on the left radiator top fan (picture is below). All my fittings are tight and I am not having any leakage in the system. I used a flashlight to look between each blade (front and back) and do not see any water on the radiator. I am stumped as to why I am getting some water on the inner rims of my fans. There is two possible reasons that I can think of:

The Ultra Kaze 3000RPM fans is too much for a push pull setup and some how is pushing water out of the fins (too much power)
There could be possible condensation on the radiator and the fans is blowing it out

I am not sure if either of my two reasons are accurate, but that is the only ones I can come up with. If anyone one has any suggestions to help me out, I would appreciate it.

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  1. 1) do you use A/C?
    2)has it been raining in the past couple of days?
    3)you can never have too much power
  2. Is your system still leaking from the rad? That would be my first guess.
    The fins in a rad are simply folded sheets of metal; the water passing through the rad is in tubes which are directly connected to the fins. You won't have water "coming out of the fins" unless your piping is still leaking.

    Unless your watercooling system is maintaining a water temp below room temp (physical impossibility without a chiller), or your house is extremely humid, you can rule out condensation.
  3. Well, after further investigation, it seems like my radiators are not leaking water (which is a good thing). The fans are leaking oil; the spots on the fans are really shiny.

    Not sure how this is happening, but it definitely is not water. Has anyone seen this happen before?
  4. might be the greese seal on the barring for the fan greese turns to oil when it gets hot
  5. You can do this:

    Then, use some yoyo lube/grease.
  6. ^Thanks for that link. One of my Ultra Kazes sounds terrible, and I'm wondering if a bearing is the issue.
  7. Not sure that lubricating a fan bearing is the best idea, though. Most fan bearings are meant to run their lifetime without any additional lubricant, and in many cases can destroy the fan bearing or cause premature motor failure.

    phalanxs- you might wish to check your original radiators (since I know you replaced them thinking they were punctured) by pressure or water testing them. If there isn't any damage, you should be able to sell them quite easily.
  8. Works for my yoyo bearings. Once I cleaned them they could spin longer and were much quieter.
  9. Yoyo's and PC fans are designed a little differently and for a tad different purpose.
  10. Same bearings ;)
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