I just got a new computer and wanted to know if i can run tf2 and othe

I bought a new computer, and would like to know if i can run Teamfortress2, Left4Dead 2, and badcompany 2?

Phenom ii x4 955BE
Radeon 4850
BFG gs550w
4gb Gskill 1333 ddr3
gigabyte ma770t-ud3p
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  1. Not sure about badcompany 2 because I've never played it but TF2 and L4D2 will run just fine.
  2. what kind of fps do you think i have?
  3. if you have Vsync (or whtaever the ATI equivelant is) on you should stay around 60, if not then i couldn't tell you really.
  4. If i upgrade my video card to Radeon 4890 can my powersupply be enough power for the video card?
    or should i get radeon 5770?
  5. A BFG 550? I don't know the specs on it. You may want to google "power supply tiers". Your going to have to compare the power consumption of the video card you choose with the amount of 12v power, how many rails, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the amperage that the power supply provides.
  6. LAWLZ~ can you help me?.. Can you help me find out which video card will be good enough with that powersupply?

  7. I am helping you, do some research... You'd be surprised what you will learn.

    here is an example of what I'm talking about, it's an old list but still good information.

  8. Another Post


    This stuff is easy to find, you just have to DO IT.
  9. ok, it says tier 4.. also it has dual 12v at 18 AMPS can that be good for a radeon 4890, or 5770?
  10. I would recommend against a tier 4 all together personally.
  11. can it last me for now until i get some more money? =/
  12. if you already own it i wouldn't swap it out. just keep it. and in that same regard to the video card, just keep the one you have. Your computer should play the games you listed fine.
  13. ok, so if I want to upgrade my video card I will need a new powersupply?
  14. Oh good lord.
  15. lol, nevermind its in tier 3 is that better?
  16. the 5770 will be fine it uses less power then a 4850

  17. thankss alot..
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