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I couldn't find any BIOS update driver for Windows 7 on ASUS homepage for my ASUS P5BE motherboard. The latest BIOS update is for Vista 64-bit.
Also I couldn't find any opportunity to install online any BIOS update, only with floppy disk. I haven't had floppy driver for 5 years. I don't know who uses floppy driver in our days. :heink:

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  1. If you have a usb drive you can copy the BIOS update to the USB drive and enter the BIOS and go to ASUS EZ Flash 2. It will update your BIOS from a USB drive and it is easy and safe.

    Just make sure the computer is NOT overclocked when you update the BIOS.

    If you look in the user guide under chapter 4 (IIRC) it will show you how to update the BIOS using EZ Flash 2.

    Do NOT update your BIOS under Windows. If Windows is unstable it can brick your board.

    Here is a guide to use ez flash 2 in the BIOS.

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