RAM for Core i7 980X

Best 6 GB RAM?
for i7 980x
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  1. Who knows because that CPU isn't out yet. However it's still on X58 platform so whatever the best RAM for the i7 9xx is will be the best RAM for the 980X

    There's a lot of i7 memory articles on Toms - go read them
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    ucl said:
    Best 6 GB RAM?
    for i7 980x

    WUT?! :o

    Dude as the post stated above me, the 980x isn't even out yet.
    Oh, and if you're getting a 980x when it's going to be released (sometime soon:)), get 12gb with that monster of hexa-core CPU KING!

    When Core 980x is released post back here and we'll help you get the perfect RAM for the perfect CPU;)
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  4. The 980x will be out this as Psycho said or the next week.
    At Tom's there was an review. There are already gains in some apps from 6 cores:)
    And i said 12gb because if you're building an rig with that king of CPU's, you probably are going to keep it for at least 3-4 years;), right? Not that 6GB is bad, no it's not bad at all, it's just above mainstream-high segment.

    But as i said 12GB paired with Core i7 980x is going to give you a more powerful system for the years to come

    And BTW thank for selecting my answer:):)
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