Micro SDHC keeps invalidating it's format

I've got a Patriot LX Series 8GB micro SDHC that doesn't seem to want to keep it's format. I've formatted it as FAT32, and every time I remove it with any type of data on it, it invalidates my format; removing it freshly formatted and replacing it appears to not invalid the format.

I'm not sure if it's my reader or the card itself. I was wondering if anyone could shine any light on this issue?
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  1. Does your reader support cards larger than 2Gig? This is what happens when you plug a SDHC card into a reader that does not support the higher capacity card, it corrupts the data on the drive.
  2. This is what I was assuming, but I just wanted a second opinion. Going to test my card with a friend's reader and see if that remedies it. Thanks for your help.
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