Best Grpahics card for FSX

I currently have the Nvidia Geforce GTX 280. I am currently looking for graphics card that can do way better with frame rates with full graphics settings in FSX. I get about 50-70 fps now with only medium graphics settings. What would you recommend for the absolute best performance in FSX?
Here are my system specs:
Windows XP X64 edition
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
2.50 GHz
8.00 GB of Ram
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  1. Your GPU is more than enough for that game. Your CPU is what might be holding you back since that game loves Mhz. If you want to crank up the visuals w/o losing frames you need to bump your CPU to at least 3.2Ghz.
  2. What would you suggest for equipment for moving my HGz up?
  3. Well first off what motherboard and CPU cooler are you using?
  4. Not the most advanced user...where can i find that?
  5. No worries... is your PC a pre-built ex: Dell / HP / Acer etc.....

    Or was it built using different parts?
  6. built using different parts
  7. Well if you download this program, it will tell ya what harware you are using.
  8. ok i have that installed
    CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300
  9. Ok now what does it say under the "mainboard" tab?
  10. ASUSTek Computer INC.
  11. P5Q3
  12. Google, download, install and use:
    hardware id OR belarc hardware info/advisor

    With either one of them, post full comp spec's.
  13. Ok, since it seems that you are new to this, I will need for you to read at least the basics on how to overclock your CPU. I cannot just tell you to raise or lower a value because if something goes wrong you might fry the CPU/board or both.

    the guide is pretty strait forward and there are many examples of what is needed even for a small overclock. I also assume that you are using the stock CPU cooler. If you are going to do any overclocking at all it is important that you monitor your temps using a 3rd party software :

    In your case you should be able to get at least 3Ghz with the stock Intel cooler. If you are looking for a more agressive overclock you will need something like this :


    Your temps will depend on your case, airflow, cable management and ambient (room) temp as well.
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