HAFn't got a Clu: Build log.

So I literally started this build over a year ago, but never had time/money to watercool it. That's now changed, I got my waterblocks last week and the remaining parts will be arriving this week. I've already taken off the heatsink from one of my graphics cards to see how the block fits with the ramsinks, other then the 2 above the block looks like the rest is fine.

The loop will contain (in no particular order) ex360 rad, ex240 rad, raystorm cpu block, 2xraystorm gpu block, swiftech MCP655 pump, MCRES micro res(for now). This is cooling my i7-2600k and dual 6970's.

I'll have some photo's to post this afternoon, I also have a few surprise's to come that I think haven't been done before, till then brownie points if you can guess the theme of my case based off the title.
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  3. I'm waiting for photos :)
  4. Me too. I also like the name of the build.

    Also, I ate your cousin today, amuffin. He was chocolatey and delicious.
  5. wolfram23 said:
    Me too. I also like the name of the build.

    Also, I ate your cousin today, amuffin. He was chocolatey and delicious.

  6. What sort of fans are you using? Should be a good performing loop - I have 120mm less rad space and got pretty good temps (~45C on GPUs) with my 2500K + 2x6950 2GB setup. Using better and more rads will get you into the sub-40C range with good fans.
  7. Fans is something I may have to come back to, in the top of my case (HAF X) I've got 2x200mm cooler master megaflows, I'm hoping I can get the rad in beneath them and just leave them to do the pulling, then stick the scyth slitstreams I have on my heatsink to provide the push. That accounts for the 360mm, the 240mm I'm not so sure of, mainly because I still don't know which direction I want the air flow, if I mount it behind the front intake then hot ait blowing back into the pc, of course I could reverse the fans but then that changes the whole cases airflow. Either way at this point I'm prob looking to put the 240mm rad in the front somewhere but will need fans for it. Considering my fan controller died like 3 weeks ago, I might buy a new one and some new fans. Though I'm not sure if leaving the 200mm fans in is a good idea seeing as the rads are 120mm wide and would cop a lot of dead zone, I might rip them all out and go push/pull with 120mm fans on both but thats like 10x120mm fans and I've only got ~3-4 atm.
  8. Ok so progress so far, stripped my case and cleaned everything. Test fitted my rads, now considering putting the 240 in the drive bays and foregoing my bluray player, but as I haven't needed a single CD since I installed windows I'm thinking the drive not so important anymore. The only problem with mounting in the drive bays is that there's not enough clearance at the top of the rad for the fittings, I could mount it with the intake/outlet at the bottom, but I think that would make life harder when bleeding the loop? Alternatively I could mount it externally on the side of the case I suppose but that's not appealing to me, I could also mount it where the hdd cage is atm horizontally however theres nowhere for the hot air to go.

    I'm also planning to extend the cpu cutout on the motherboard tray so that you can use it for it's intended purpose, atm just to small to remove a heatsink off of my gigabyte z68x-ud7. Depending on placement of my res/pump I may need to make other cuts aswell, though I can't figure out where to put the res/pump till I've decided on where the 240 rad will go.
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