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I have 2 Drobo units. One as a backup for the 1st Drobo.

The primary use for the Drobo's is for photo & video storage. On the primary unit I also use Drobo PC backup for my internal drives. I use SyncToy to sync the 2 Drobo's but the problem is I don't want the PC backup data transfer to the secondary Drobo. When I run the preview on Synctoy I can't select multiple files. To have to uncheck a few hundred thousand files is impossible.

I'm searching online but I can't find a synctoy like program that would have this simple function to select multiple files.
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  1. Well I answered my own question. After trying many free and paid solutions the best one is a free one called Free File Sync this is very much similar to SyncToy but it's so much better, it's so much more capable.

    The one problem that I had with SyncToy is that I could not deselect multiple files. With Free File Sync I can just deselect the parent folder.

    Over the past few years many times over SyncToy has been such a disappointment. I finally can delete it from my computer and never look back. Once again I highly suggest Free File Sync.
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