AMD Phenom 9500 quad core
2.21GHz @ gig ram

Phoenix Tech. LTD ASUS M2N SLI

Windows XP sp2

i just reinstalled after having the blue screen of death and cannot get my LAN to show up anywhere. A friend told me to enable it in the bios, done that and still nothing happened.

under device manager/ network adapters - 1394 net adapter, nothing else

but under other devices there is

Other PCI Bridge divice
PCI Memory Controller
Uknown device
Video Controller (VGA compatible)

i just moved and cannot find any of the cds for my computer so drivers are lost......

can someone help me get online again plz, then i can update other things thats needed!!!!
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  1. Locate the board's online download page and download and install the system drivers including LAN.

  2. Ive been on there but im not quiet sure what exactly to search for, i have the BIOS ACPI revision 0701 and cant find that
  3. WEll, the BIOS revision has nothing to do with finding the LAN driver. Take the system to someone a friend or computer shop who knows how it works that can help.
  4. thanks but looking to fix myself so i can save money, it just worked before i reformatted so cant see why i cant fix it myself
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