Need help with new monitor purchase

I'm looking at buying either the Samsung 2343BWX 23IN Widescreen LCD Monitor 2048X1152 50000:1DC 5ms VGA DVI for $209.99 or the Samsung 2494SW 24IN Widescreen LCD Monitor 1920X1080 16:9 5ms 50000:1DC VGA DVI-D HDCP for $199.99. I realize neither of the displays have HDMI, but this is not a big issue for me. Mainly using this for web, email, semi professional photo editing. The 2048X1152 display of the 2343BWX is a bit concerning due to possible compatibility issues with video cards. Maybe this is not an issue, I don't know. Just looking for some general advice from those with more knowledge on the subject. Thanks.
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  1. Dont worry about resolution and video cards. It will work fine.

    Also I recently purchased a Samsung monitor and it came with a disk to install drivers that help run the monior. (i didn't need them because Win 7 does it automatically--but I thought it might make you feel better to know they are included)
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