New Motherboard compatible?

I have a question if this new motherboard is going to be compatible with my system.

Since I just bought a ati radeon 4850, it isn't compatible with my motherboard XFX 630i


This is the motherboard

And here is my computer spec

Intel Q6600 G0
1 TB Hard Drive SATA
DVD/CD Drive
600Watts ULTRA PSU

I was wondering if it's compatible.
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  1. I am guessing your talking about the PCI express x16 1.1. PCI expreess 2.0 is backwards compatible it will work fine the 4850s performance should not be affected by this.
  2. Is everything in the hardware match the spec of that motherboard?
  3. Everything looks good except your ram could be an issue. I looked at the ram compatibility list and they only show one OCZ memory in there list OCZ2N1066SR2DK now if its not this model number it could still be fine ASUS boards can be very temermental when it comes to ram if you already bought the ram put it in try it out if it works your good but it could cause a problem.
  4. Mine is a OCZ2N800SR2G Special Edition RAM SLI

    That's the thing I'm worry about.

    I'm waiting for my cousin to come to my house this 1-3 days so he can help me install it.
  5. It should work i have an ASUS board and the ram i use is not on there list but i have heard of people having problems with ram not being compatible. Good Luck
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