CPU Cooler that can clear HP Vengeance?

Hi there,

I recently bought some vengeance modules to put in my system, but I had to remove the push fan on my CM Evo 212+, which does the job okay with just a pull. I would like to try and ooze bit more out of my 1090T, but I know I can't because it will create too much heat.

So my question is, is there is an air CPU cooler that is able to clear high profile vengeance ram with a push fan on an AM3+ board?


I have to have the ram in the two closest slots for dual channel mode, and the mobo won't boot with them in slots 3+4.

The only solution I can think of is to WC, either by making my own loop, or buying a sealed loop, like the H20 920.

Any thoughts much appreciated!
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  1. nope not to my knowledge there is not you have to buy low profile ram or go water cooled it be cheaper i would think to just buy low profile ram
  2. I have this which works on a crosshair III AM3 board.

    Now, it's deactivated, but zalman may have another. The reason it works is the fan clips allow the fan to slide up and down about an inch, so I can put in the ram, then clip on the fan and it sits on top of the ram spreaders.

    That being said ram is dirt cheap, it's be easier to buy low profile ram. the spreaders are just for looks. And your boards other memory slots should work fine. Dual channel does not require you use the first two just the matched pair. Id RMA the board if it doesn't specifically say the first two slots must be used first

    Edit: this has the same clips and you can see how the fan would slide up.
  3. Check to see if the thermalright archon would give you enough clearance. http://www.thermalright.com/products/?act=data&id=172
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, interesting responses. I never thought about buying lower profile ram lol...
    And the archon seems to fit the bill, not looked in great depth, but it seems pretty expensive. May as well buy a closed loop for the amounts I've seen it being sold for.
    I do like the clips too, may try to make some out of some huge paperclips or something.

    Thanks for the ideas!
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