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I would like to know if buying a new hard drive will fix my problem..recently upgraded to windows 7 about a month ago but now randomly like Firefox will go Not responding an the mouse cursor will still move but i cant do anything until it unfreezes then it super fast does everything i was trying to do when it was froze, also i do not shut down my computer now because it takes me on average 5-10 manual reboots to get the computer to log in only 2 times i have got disk read error push control alt delete to restart but most other times it just goes so slow and sits on starting windows screen and i have to push the button and make it restart until i get "lucky" and it logs right in..i play Rift MMORPG high quality graphic game and i can run it fine on HQ ,the computer runs great..but also when i let it go into sleep mode over night ill come back and it will be froze for 30secs to 20mins and i either have to reboot or wait so i have now even turned off sleep mode..if anyone can help i apreciate it here is what i got

MB -
Memory -
Graphics - EVGA GTX 480
Hardrive - all i know is its a western digital 500gb but its like 4 years old and i recently just upgraded everything except this last it causing the problem or can i somehow fix this and save some money cause im broke if i need a new one please link it on newegg so i can purchase and i Appreciate your time and help thank you.
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  1. Here are 2, I am a great fan of Samsung drives. The F3 1T has been my go to drive many times. The 500 is about the same performance in a smaller size. or
    I do not know what is going on with your system. If the system was running as it should but has degraded or suddenly changed you need to give more information. Is the OS 32 or 64 bit?
  2. It sounds like you have a HDD issue all right. It would be good to replace it but be aware HDD prices are high at the moment due to flooding where many HDD's are manufactured
  3. Hi you mentioned you upgraded to windows 7, do literally mean use the upgrade feature (ie from vista to 7) and not clean install.

    If so i would suggest you back up all your important data including bookmarks and application data. and then do a full format of your harddisk, full format takes longer than quick format, and have found it in many occasions fix slow and glitchy version of windows.
    to do a full format Insert the windows 7 dvd and boot from it under custom install choose repair your computer and then cmd promt then use "diskpart" to format your drive.
    google "diskpart" commands so that you know how to select the right disk, partition and volume to format.
    after you'v finished a format install windows.and see how it goes. its worth giving it a try rather than buying another disk. also you can run check disk, to scan your disk for errors, select fix errors.
  4. I would first test your RAM before getting a new HDD. Your RAM needs 1.8 volt to operate and maybe you'll have to set your motherboard to something a bit higher. Try going to the next step in voltage setting in BIOS. Try to get a SMART diagnostic application and test the HDD. I think WD has such a tool on their website.

    HDD price are high now due to shortage and I would make sure the problem is not elsewhere before getting a new one.
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