Ps3 hdmi-to-component problems

I plugged in a hdmi cord from my ps3 to a 1080i hdtv. It autodetected the hd capability and I told it to convert. Looked great. Then I took it back home and tried to use a component cable again and there is no audio or video. When I yank the cord out of the back of the ps3, usually there is video interference and there is a flicker on the tv, but now there is no feedback at all, like the ps3 turned off the component cord port altogether and won't autoconfigure back to standard def, Wtf.
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  1. it asked you if you want to switch to HDMI? I figured it would have an auto detect rather then a fixed setting.

    sounds like you need to reset that option in the menu

    *by the way, try the Sony Tech forum for the PS3. They may be more help full for you.
  2. Can't reset the option because I get no video
  3. Need to hard reset; hold down power-on button til you hear a beep, it will then ask you about video settings (need to change each time you swap over diff cables)
  4. Do an auto-reset of the PS3. I thinks you are still using HDMI for A/V signals, so you won't get any output via component. When you do the reset, the PS3 should realise there's no HDMI cable plugged in, and default to component.

    Worst case, plug in both at once and mess with the settings until you get it figured out right...
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