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So I built my own computer about a year ago and I'm a total beginner when it comes to overclocking, long story short, it keeps on crashing. I don't know what I changed in the settings and all as I don't remember now. I need a way to reset everything to as it was when i bought it or the closest it can get to being "new".

I don't really want solutions to the BSOD that keeps on happening with my computer because I already did a lot of "fixes" but failed, all based on discussions found in the net.

I want a clean slate.

Beginner OCer
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    clear your cmos. If there is a button for this on your mobo great, if not you have to reset via jumping pins together. The book your mobo came with should tell you exactly how to do this. You could also remove the battery on the motherboard for 5 minutes.
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