Good Price for this Used PC?

Coolmaster centurion delux case w/ six fans
Coolmaster 740watt SLI power supply
Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard
AMD Phenom II 940 Quad core CPU (3.0Ghz x 4 6mb L3 cache)
4Gigs Kingston Hyper X DDR2 1066 Memory (2x2Gig sticks) Duel Channel
Western Digital 320Gig Harddrive (SATA 32mb cach)
PNY Nvidia GTX 260 Video card 756mb video ram
Sony 3.5 Floppy
Duel layer DVD/CD Burner
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Version

Guy seelling this on Craiglist close by. $550 with games.joysticks, etc.

Seems a bit high as some of this stuff is a bit older.
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  1. I think it's very worth it you get a hell of a quality PSU a good GFX, a 4 core processor, and 4 gig of RAM and the games and w/e I would buy it directly if you are not so satisfied over the GFX card switch it and sell it.
  2. $500 seems bout right
  3. if the o/s is a legit copy then I think its a reasonably fair price.
  4. I think so. Going to check it out. Comes with good games...
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