OCZ Vertex 3 + Original 60 gb PS3 (Fat systems)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can put an OCZ vertex 3 into an original fat system 60 gb Playstation 3 (PS3) and get an upgraded harddrive performance boost from this...as I read somewhere that the PS3 is a 2.5 inch SataII drive. Is this correct? It seems that the internet is loaded with a lot of misinformation re: this issue and I wanted to see if anyone had any concrete evidence of this and also if it's just better to put in a 7200 rpm drive or got with a Vertex 2 per say. Anyone? Cheers-
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  1. Hi, JohnnyLucky, thanks for the links. I have read those as well and that's what got me initially interested in putting an SSD into my "fatboy" original 60 gb PS3. I guess this is still an open-ended question, does a OCZ Vertex 3 work in a PS3 (even those it's a SATA III drive) as I do know that the PS3 has a SATA II port..I wanted to find a really quick SSD replacement option and I know that the Vertex 3 are some of the fatest made to date for the retail market. So, what is exactly the fastest drive that I could essentially put into the PS3 to fully potential? I hope that better asks my question and curiosity re: this.

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