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I have an Asus M2V MX-SE motherboard with WIN XP SP3 installed.

All the drivers are installed from the motherboard CD.I just discovered that the Mic input doesnt seem to be working,its greyed out in the control panel,audio input.

Whn i plug in the mic the HD audio manger says that a jack has been plugged in and I selected MIC.

What could be the problem.Can anyone help me with this.

Thankyou .
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  1. Is the mic enabled in the advanced sound control panel? If not enable it.
  2. Hi treefrog,

    I could only find Realtek HD audio manager in which there is no volume control knob,only mute button is there,which i unmuted.

    But nothing happens
  3. Any suggestions
  4. Is this an issue with WIN XP SP3 ??
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