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Hi Gents
I have $500 for XMAS and thinking of investing in an SSD, but I only have a mid level knowledge of computers.

Currently I can get an OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCI-Express SSD 240GB for $500 or two OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SSD and maybe put them in Raid 0.

If I Raid 0 the 2 Vertex 3 drives I will only have 120gb vs the 240gb of the Revo.

Is the PCI slot faster than a SATA 3 slot and which way would you guys go.


My system

Asus Rampage Formula
Intel I7 950 clocked to 3800
12gb PC38500
Two 1tb WD Black drives in raid
HIS Radeon 5900
Two Spinpoint 2tb DRIVES FOR STORAGE.
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  1. For $628 you could buy two 240 GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe ....a Tier 1 SSD,3070-6.html

    But again, other than Benchmarks, video editing and large databases / spreadsheets, RAID offers little real world speed increases.

    Here's a good read
  2. If you're coming from a hard drive then I'd suggest not bothering with RAID 0. You'll see very little difference in the improvement from a HDD to a single SSD than to a pair of RAIDed SSDs. And with a single SSD you won't loose TRIM capability which is important to keep the longer-term performance of your system at optimum levels.

    In other words, the first SSD is a terrific bang for the buck - the second one a lot less so.
  3. ^5 +1 what sminlal said.

    One ssd is plenty unless you are doing some sort of special professional work.
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