Just can’t figure it out. Here’s my setup.
Router 1 (Verizon FIOS Router)
Wireless: OFF
Bridged Mode: ON
End 192:168.1.99

Connection is LAN port on Router 1 to LAN port Router 2
Router 2 (NetGear WNR200)
Wireless: ON

I have one computer connected to the wireless router pulling an IP of For the life of me I cannot figure out why my IPhone connects to the wireless network and pulls an IP of Router 1 is turned off and it should be pulling address from router 2 with IP range of
My second issue is one computer is hard wired (cat5) to Router 2 (LAN Port) and “will not load any web papers” when I try to get out on the Internet. When I check the IPCONFIG it shows an IP of I tried Ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew and this computer work sometimes. What am I missing here?
Should I turn off DHCP on router 1?

Am I correct to leave DHCP on router 2 to pass out IPs to the network. I tried turning off DHCP on the NetGear router and was unable to.

To my knowledge having DHCP turned on on both routers should not be a
problem if they are looking at different portion of the subnet mask. is Class C address which subnet mask range from 192.168.1-254

Router 1 DHCP is looking at
Router 2 DHCP is looking at
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  1. Heh, how are the devices suppose to know which router to get their DHCP from?? This is why your phone is pulling the IP it is. You are confusing your network.

    Turn off DHCP on Router 1. If you want to change the IP address on router one then you can leave DHCP on.
  2. You would be better to turn DHCP off on router 2. If you turn it off on router 1 then you will have to hard set the IP on router 2 and anything else you connect to router 1.

    Or leave it dhcp on on both routers and change the IP address on router 2 to and make yourself two networks.
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