Free cd rom driver for hp pavilion dv9000

i have a hp pavilion dv9000 and i had issues with it and took it to a guy that really didnt know wtf he was doing and he wiped everything. He couldnt read my product key on bottom of laptop because it had been faded over time and now i have some boot leg version of what i used to have. i no longer have word excel powerpoint. but most importantly i can NOT use my cd/dvd drive. is there some way i can fix this ie free driver download?
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  1. Ok, if U don't get any major error messages, and Windows can still run normally , you can just reinstall Office, and the programs u need.
    About the drivers, see here:

    There are a bunch of dv9000, so I don't know exact which u use, just select it and see what drivers they have.

    If he really deleted much,and Windows doesn't run normally, you should do a reinstall or take it to someone to reinstall/ repair it.
    do u have a xp cd? If not, buy or borrow one.

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