Want to Upgrade my Computer CPU ? Help.

I currently have a AMD Phenom X4 9150e CPU in my motherboard.
The motherboard is Foxconn (Bengal) RS780 Motherboard

the link for more information to the motherboard is

when i read the cpu socket it say
This is the processor (CPU) socket on the motherboard. This 940 pin socket supports the following AMD® processors:

* Socket AM2+
* Athlon 64
* Athlon™ 64 X2
* Phenom® (95 W)
* Sempron™

I just want to know if i can update my cpu to any AM2+ socket cpu like
AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Deneb 3.0GHz

my current cpu is 45nm and this phenom ii x 4 940 is 65nm ...
will it work?

anyone can help me on this i will appreciate ....
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  1. Upgrading a prebuilt like a gateway isn't as simple as getting a CPU that fits in the mobo. Its going to use a gateway bios and unless other CPUs are included in the gateway bios, they won't work. Best bet is to email or live chat with gateway and find out what upgrade options for CPUs there are. Otherwise, you could buy an AM2+ CPU that matches the specs for the mobo, but still not work because of the BIOS.
  2. the current bios is the latest i updated it to...

    BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 7B3P081G, 5/5/2008

    im not sure if this will support but i dont want to call gateway because if i cant upgrade ill just buy a new mobo with combo.
  3. Only gateway will know what CPUs that bios supports, so if you aren't willing to contact them, then you'll have to upgrade the mobo also.
  4. I am gonna lean towards it wont work. The reason being the chip you have now is a 65 watt chip the 940 is 125watt most cheaper and pre built motherboard dont support the 125 watt chips but like another poster said only way to tell is contact Gateway they would know for sure.
  5. i ask around and some people confirmed that they have the same motherboard from foxconn from gateway as well, and they upgrade to the phenom ii x4 945 deneb (95w) and it works perfectly fine but when running CPU-z it reads unknown. example is this....


    so i guess it will work but does anyone know what it will do if it reads like this... it reads fine just the name is unknown....
  6. i will be buying the phenom ii x4 945 with 95w soon and will do the changeover, i hope all will work i will post a responds afterward. wish me luck
  7. I want to upgrade my t2060 cpu on my dv6205us to a faster cpu. What do you suggest.
  8. touthoj said:
    i will be buying the phenom ii x4 945 with 95w soon and will do the changeover, i hope all will work i will post a responds afterward. wish me luck

    Best of Luck

    Jamison3, start your own thread. That way if someone searches for the same question you have, they can find it.
  9. Okay, i decide i was not going to buy the x4 945 because my local store sells for $175 and newegg got it for $167 so i decide to get the socket am3 phenom ii x3 720 BE (also 95w) it cost $130 and it works and i OC it to 3.2Ghz with 16x multiplier and i didnt change the voltage, i use amd overdrive, its a good thing i got the 720BE because black edition give me oc opportunity and not the 945 95w, since my Computer Motherboard BIOS doesnt have any OC Clocking in the Bios cuz its a OEM. it works flawless and here is my CPU-Z ID


    for anyone wanting to upgrade i would suggest you do it
  10. i use the stock fan heatsink and i have a few fans running around my board so i was able to stay stable with 3.2ghz i try 3.4 but it got unstable so i try 3.2 and it is stable for now i will tell how it goes in the next 24hr.

    as stated the CPU is listed as unknown model but that doesnt bother me because it is working.

    this cpu is also future proof cuz its am3 so i am very happy.
  11. stable all night long playing game and downloading movie burning dvds video encoding decompression has gotten about 50% faster than my old 1.8ghz quad. i use to take 1hr for a movie to convert in vob now it takes 20min. i really like it. gaming is faster now too. i love this well im a happy guy hehe thanks for everyone opinion.
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