Trouble with booting from CD and USB

First the problems:

1. I can't boot my Hirens CD at all.
2. My Ubuntu Live CD doesn't boot correctly. I get an error message saying that it didn't boot properly.

3. When I boot Memtest86 from a USB drive, my (USB) keyboard doesn't work.
[EDIT: Fixed! I turned on USB Legacy Support.]

Now the details:

I'm operating on a new home-built PC. It installed Windows 7 from a CD with no problems.

My hard drive and CD drive are (I think) both on the same SATA cable.

My keyboard is plugged into the USB slot right next to the PS2 slot on my motherboard.

If you want lots of detail on my configuration and hardware:


Maybe I need to put the CD and hard drive on different SATA cables?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Nevermind, they're on the same SATA POWER cables, not the same SATA cables.
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