3TB will only format 2TB

I shrunk my external drive to use a portion of it for downloads but now it will only allow me to format 2TB and the 768GB is wasted. How do i get it to merge the unallocated space again? I deleted all the volumes but it refuses to include the 768GB back into the disk.
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    Try GPT instead of MBR

    If it is already in GPT, use diskpart

    In elevated command prompt:


    list volume

    (find the volume you want to extend)

    select volume x (x is the number of the volume you want to extend)

  2. Do you have a 32 bit OS or a 64 bit OS?

    I seem to remember that 32 bit OSs can't address more than 2 TBs of anything, be it RAM or Hard Drive space.

    If you indeed have a 32 bit OS, you might want to look into this as the potential cause of your problems.
  3. I figured it out about 5 minutes after makeing the post, thanks for the help though. I was unaware of the new file system in use by 3TB drives until now, i was wondering how they fixed the issue with them. :pt1cable:
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  5. Both 32bit Viata and 7 have gpt support, so they can use drives larger than 2 TiB.
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