How do you combine 2 hard drives on your pc?


I have 2 hard drives on my laptop called C: and D: they were standard when I bought my laptop but other programmes are saying I don't have enough space on the C: ? I thought once the C; drive is filled it would automatically use the D: ? Can somebody help me understand what I need to do as I have lots of itunes music to download but only 2.4 Gb left on the C: drive?
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  1. Most laptops have one HDD partitioned into 2 spaces. The C partition is for the user's general use, like storing files and installing programs. The D partition is usually hidden, sized at about 5 GBs, and contains the files needed to re-install (restore) the operating system in case it gets corrupted.

    You will need to get a larger HDD for your laptop, clone your existing HDD, and then install the new, larger HDD into your laptop.
  2. I think you just need to clean out C a bit. That's your main drive. Get WinDirStat ( ) and see what's taking up all your space.
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