Gtx 380 vs 5970 & How much long must we wait???

Good Day Peeps, :hello:

Anyone have any specs on the "GTX300 series"
I am putting a pc together in Jan10, and I am buying the ATI5970 as this is the fastest card at the moment.
Ho long would the wait be for the GTX380 or if the going to bring something like GTX295(GTX395??)
I have a 30" HP monitor that can handle res of up to . I purely want for Gaming. I have about 850US to spend, to I use it on the 5970 and later on crossfire? or see How much and wait for genuine specs on Nvidia cards. I have always support Nvidia for more than 10years-so I dont know now?

Check this link FYI: :bounce:

If any one knows the full specs of these cards and an estimation of cost or release-cause I am hearing Jan10 but no spec releases-so I dunno.

Thanks Alot for input guys...

South Africa

Yes... We have computer geeks down here... :kaola:
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  1. No clue on relative performance (as no reliable numbers are out) and I believe te preliminary guesstimate for any "GTX300" parts is Feb-March at the absolute earliest.
  2. According to recent articles (one of which you can find here at Tom's) is that nVidia stated Fermi ("GTX 300 series", or GF100 as they're calling it) will be released sometime Q1 of 2010. So that probably means Feb/March.

    Don't think anyone has obtained any prototype cards to benchmark at this point, so there's really no way to compare it with existing ATI products.

    If you want a functional system in January, just buy ATI. :)
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