Athlon x2 2.8 Ghz Vs Core 2 duo e5200 2.5 ghz (both have 2mb l2 cache)

I am highly confused with which cpu is better AMD or Intel. The benchmarks from various sources indicate that a lower clocked intel core 2 duo is at par with a slightly higher clocked amd processor in many fields especially game playing. So are these processors almost equal. Also I am planning to buy an am3 motherboard and am3 processor as because 6 cores are promised on am3 and not on lga 1156 socket so will
amd ATHLON PROCESSOR be good? I am not buying phenoms because of 95Watt Tdps now but will in the future i just want an answer that is the perception right that roughly Intel C2D 2.5 ghz=athlon x2 2.8 ghz.
Also I have seen this among quad cores of both companies.
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  1. They are equal. If not, the Athlon will perform ever so slightly better. This is based on my experience and I am talking in general. Specific to specific applications, one may perform better than the other. But not by much.

    Based on Anandtech's benchmarks they perform very closely, outperforming eachother in applications but the Athlon seems to win in games every time. I question anandtech's testing methods though since they provide no proof they are being consistent with their test systems.

    What do you have against 95W TDP and above?
  2. actually i want lower power consumption thats why the athlon have 65 watt max so its better
  3. E5200 PentiumDual Core has a lower power consumption I believe.

    E5200 are slightly faster than AthlonIIs clock per clock, but AthlonII motherboards are still supported by AMD. E5200 can also overclock very well.

    If it's E5200 vs AthlonII, get either one and overclock it.
    If it's E5200 vs AthlonI, get the E5200 and overclock it.
  4. I highly doubt he's talking about the 5600+ windsor 90nm with 2mb L2 cache considering he is buying new and buying an AM3 socket motherboard.

    The TDP is the same. Both 65W. This is related to power consumption but I can't say which actually will consume more power.

    If you are really worried about power consumption, the Athlon IIx2 240e has a TDP of 45W as does the Athlon IIx4 605e.

    Or if you don't have problems changing the CPU settings, you could lower the voltage on the Athlon IIx2 240.
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